About EMF

EMF is a national registered charity created in 1999; it is a social enterprise charity that uses surplus from its investment property income in London to fund its charitable activities. Our policy is to maintain reasonable salaries and overheads to maximise our capacity for public benefit.

EMF has a major subsidiary in Leicester, the Peepul Centre; an arts community centre that has been at the heart of the Belgrave community since it was built in 2005. Although a building with a great offering for the local community, the Centre historically made considerable losses; once EMF took over the running of the Centre in 2012, we began working on implementing the right management and make the Centre self-reliant, something which it is well on the way to achieving.

EMF also funds Peepul Delhi, our base for the South Asian region where we have plans to expand. At Peepul Delhi we use social technologies to reduce poverty and uplift communities.

At the heart of EMF’s work is social justice and a belief in an inclusive society. The Foundation leads and supports projects that have are guided by this same ethos, be it through tackling inequality, supporting the disenfranchised, or representing minority voices.

As a result of the 2020 Covid pandemic our work is now focusing on helping the most vulnerable in society during the Covid crisis, supporting disabled individuals, tackling the stigma of mental health issues, and promoting underrepresented cultural heritages and artforms.

Our most recent projects can be found here

Historical projects have included:  

  • The creation of an industry specific MBA, creating over 40 new leaders for the sector
  • Creating the first comprehensive database of minority ethnic voluntary organisations
  • Sponsoring the first Black woman to qualify at the Scottish Bar
  • The Muslim women’s Engagement programme
  • The forced marriage awareness campaign
  • Creating a community asset management programme