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EMF is a national registered charity created in 1999. It is an independent organisation that seeks to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice in society, and address the growing inequalities in the world system.

EMF works for structural change in order to increase opportunities for those who are the least well off politically, economically and socially. EMF invests in research, dialogue, advocacy and policy analysis to further these goals.



The year 2013 has been a year of consolidation and change at EMF.  Trustees have substantially overhauled governance, policies and procedures to better enable EMF to deal with the challenges ahead in a period of increasing inequalities and poverty.

It is important to note that EMF does not and has not taken any public funding for its work It operates as a social enterprise and raises its own funds for charitable work.

Trustees also re-called their substantive Chief Executive back from sabbatical to deal with the challenges and help them work through the issues and the changes required.

A number of these changes were triggered when trustees became aware of a number of internal issues in late 2012. This was compounded by the acquisition of a   major asset that would require all the charity’s energies and focus.  Failure to do so would have resulted in serious damage to the charity and our work.  We are pleased that high quality leadership from the Board and the staff enabled us to work diligently and secure a stable outcome.

The trustees have kept the Charity Commission informed throughout this time and continue to do so.

We wish to thank all our partners, stakeholders and well-wishers who have been very supportive through out this process.  We wish everyone a safe and secure Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Our Vision

We aim to eradicate poverty, injustice and prejudice wherever they exist and promote instead prosperity, fairness and understanding. EMF seeks to foster a cohesive British society where individuals can thrive regardless of their ethnic, religious or socio-cultural background.

Our Partners

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